If you’ve been following this blog lately, you are aware of my neck/shoulder issues. After yesterday’s swim, some shoulder pain post-swim did not alleviate. I decided that ice was in order, so I put a cold pack on the shoulder. That didn’t seem to help, so later I applied heat. All I think I did was further irritate the sensory receptors, which made the pain worse. Today, after physical therapy, I decided I would leave the shoulder alone by attempting no hot or cold therapies and taking a day off from swimming. It feels better, so I did the right thing.

I watched some NCAA “Women’s” Softball, although from a pure context of time, these women could be my granddaughters, had I grandaughters. I know that is mean and unenlightened to say, but if these women are 19 or 20, that means I was 47 or 48 when they were born, placing me in what I call “grandfather” range. I know, that could be patronizing or whatever, but Hell, I’m an old man, what do you expect? I don’t have a handicapped sticker, so I’m looking for a break somewhere.

I’m watching some Russians do a homemade Youtube show. They are speaking Russian and have gone to their ministorage locker. This is Russia today. Again the Russians are so much like us now. Seems as if peace should be the natural state between us.

I don’t really trust the politicians to craft a foreign policy that brings security to both countries.

I can barely stay awake. Bedtime.