I am retired. I can go to bed anytime I want to. I can wake up anytime I want to. I can have a chili dog and a bag of chips (crisps, to you Brits) for breakfast. You get the picture.

But today, I woke up after what proved to be an inadequate amount if sleep 6 hours, had coffee, a chocolate biscotti, and a cup of porridge made with McCann’s steel cut oats, with a bit of cinnamon, heavy cream and sugar. As I sit, allowing my brain to get the message from my stomach that it is full and satisfied, I contemplate going back to bed. I’m tired again. I want a wake-up do-over. I want to sleep a little more, awaken again, and revel in the knowledge I can go back to sleep again should I so choose.

Maybe I will seek the Democratic nomination for President after all. Everybody else is.

I think human beings have an unlimited capacity for loving other people. That doesn’t mean they should have sex with someone, or any one, just to express their love for them. Seems kind of obvious, but then again, it isn’t for an awful lot of folks. And I have the divorces to prove it.

I can’t remember what it was that would upset me 20 years ago. I guess we should all accelerate the letting go process, even though I know for many people this is difficult, if not impossible. That’s OK, too.

Going back to bed.

Later, loves. 💘