Not that kind. I have a bad case of media overload, and not just from politics. I went to lunch today and there on all 5,000 TV monitors at Glory Days Grill was baseball, basketball, reports from the NFL scouting combines. And nothing broadcast was in any way important.

The sports guys “debate” questions like “Will the Clippers eclipse The Lakers in the LA market?”. We know how starved for topics we are, if they are reduced to debating this burning issue. I suppose that issue is important to somebody, who precisely, I don’t know. Maybe compulsive gamblers. Maybe thirteen year old boys.

The restaurant’s Monday $5.99 hamburger special isn’t worth this sensory bombardment. When the Cartoon Network’s Tom and Jerry cartoons are the island of tranquility in this media maelstrom, that show indicates how news/sports saturated we’ve become. I’m back home serenely watching the trains. I must also get to work culling the clothes pile on my bed, my Lenten project. Then again Lent has yet to start. And it lasts 40 days.