Doggone it. I am tired. I am almost over The Cold. I did some sleeping, putting everything on hold til I felt better. Don’t know how smart a strategy that was.

Those of us of a certain age In the Richmond VA area remember Sailor Bob, host of a children’s show on local television in the Fifties and Sixties. It was the Golden Age of local television programming. Sailor Bob on the Channel 12 Schooner, sponsored by Nolde’s Bread, Virginia Dairy (The Home of Better Milk) and Pepsi Cola, hosted Popeye cartoons. Sailor Bob also did drawings. It was wonderful innocent fun. We didn’t know that Popeye cartoons dealt in mean-spirited ethnic, racist and sexist stereotypes. It took later years and education (indoctrination) to become “sensitive”.

“Sailor Bob” has died at age 85. His real name was Bob Griggs. He was a good man, a television pioneer from the days when TV was novel, if not particularly exciting.

Today, with computers managing everything and ownership by megacorporations, a station is driven even more by ratings, advertising revenues and a need not to offend the numerous pressure groups barking like hounds at any and every gesture and statement that might kinda, sorta be controversial, television is about as interesting as a trip to the gas station.

But at that time, here was an adult that wasn’t trying to teach us something or tell us to sit up straight.

Like you said at the end of the show. “Here’s wishing you fair weather and smooth sailing.”