I’ve been picking at the last few blog posts I have made as if they were scabs on an old and almost healed wound. I don’t know what else to do. I really am tired. I want to get back to the pool tomorrow, cold or no cold. I need to buy more fruit. And rice crackers, the staples of Life Itself.

I am watching plus size Brazilian models show off women’s underwear. I know, I’m creepy for watching this, but the body positivity is not some idea offered by the pop psychologists. Here are big women who are wearing nice looking underwear. And people are deciding if other big women will buy this underwear so they can feel good about being big. Kinda like why I buy and wear flannel boxers because they feel good and I feel good wearing them. I know there are women out there who wear flannel boxers, because they feel good when they wear them. If they had a flannel boxer YT channel I would watch that, most likely. Beats the s#×t out of homicide stories on Lifetime.

But it’s late. Good night.