I woke up around Two AM, was awake for a couple of hours, doing all the usual time-wasting activities I normally do, read blog posts, watch YouTube videos, all with the intention of getting tired again.

I went back to bed, slept til around 8:30, then got ready for Mass. I went alone; my wife was still sleeping. Mass was OK. I must admit I wasn’t really focusing. I was dealing with some physical pain, probably arthritis. The homily dealt with the priestly sexual abuse crisis. I think our Diocesan Bishop Barry Knestout, is earnestly trying to deal with the mess. On the positive side we chanted the Marian Anthem Ave Regina Coelorum, as the Recessional, in Latin, of course. That was the highlight, apart from receiving the Precious Body of Our Lord in the species of bread. When the mess in the Church is hot, heavy, and thick, we have to remember He is with us.

I came back. J and I went to brunch. An otherwise very good restaurant got my omelette order wrong, meaning the cooks just sort of did their own thing. Wasn’t bad. Just not what I ordered, They didn’t charge me. No biggie. I went swimming, did 3300 meters. That is over 2 miles.

Upon my return, I went into full work mode, heating leftovers, doing two, soon three loads of laundry.

I’m feeling tired, but have more work to do. There is more I want to add to the story Journey that I began on Friday.

Tomorrow I want to fix a vegan chili with. black beans and quinoa. I haven’t done much vegan stuff, as in none, but I understand that quinoa has a great amino acid profile and complements well with legumes.

Life is busy, all of a sudden, but good, as it is nearly all the time,

Later, Loves. 💘