Yesterday’s swim was epic. I am still feeling it, less in my body, but in my head. I feel that euphoric, lethargic, day dream-y feeling I remember from when I used to smoke cannabis. Very, very nice and I didn’t lose my sobriety to get here.

We are getting a light snow. That adds to the quiet of the day. If there is winter at its best this is it. The closest thing modern, technologically enslaved humans have to hibernation. The best part of retirement is that one can just sit.

I fixed my wife her tuna (albacore) salad this morning, her strawberries, all sliced and sugared. I packed her rice crackers and her cheese and nut snack. The irony of gesture, the many levels of devotion. It isn’t just sweet love that has me pack that lunch. That I am hers, devoted, even as she ignores all passion, to prosaically slog through the drudgery of surviving.

Let’s make magic, then make love.