NSFW Some Sexual Fantasy

The National Oversight Committee For Use Of Archaic Synonyms has authorized my use of the word natation, a synonym for swimming. 31 January was the last day of January, my birthday month. I turned 68 on 21 January. So I thought 68 laps, 3400 meters, over 2 miles would be apropos.

I hadn’t really planned on the swim. As a matter of fact, I came within a few minutes of just blowing the workout off. But I put on Crocs over my warm merino ragg socks,donned my warm wool sweater and down jacket and off I went.

The polar vortex has discouraged the timid among the swimmers. So I had a lane to myself, a real treat when the Middle School-age swim team is practicing. I began the swim, just expecting to crank out a mile or so. When I finished the mile, I said to myself, “Do the 3400 meter swim you have been planning on completing.” I kept going. 2500 meters marked my usual finish. “I’ve got this,” I thought and pressed on. It took me 85 min: 29 sec. I have swum 3250 meters at a faster pace before. But that was over a year ago . I had not done a two mile swim since January, 2018.

My fantasy world opens up as I swim. I imagine myself as a submissive to a Mistress who appreciates my ardor in the pool, who views my sport as training to better pleasure her. She knows the endorphins serve to give me the natural high that sexual play only intensifies. As I swim, I can almost taste her cunt juices. I long to bury my tongue in her cleft, to probe the dusky realm of her anus.

When I finished tonight, and dressed again, I wore my heavy wool sweater with no tee shirt beneath it. I felt the scratchy wool on my skin, especially my nipples. Alas, there is no Mistress, no partner in the amatory arts.

I did fix a dinner. And fancied a partner eager to play.