NSFW. For Adults.

With winter comes rain. It is not cold enough to snow, most days. But it is cold enough for the dampness to play havoc with the joints, to value hot soup, and to welcome naked cuddling with my lover.

From behind, I “spoon” behind her as my erection nestles in the crease of her buttocks. I could reach around and fondle her breasts, her clitoris, or just draw her closer by pulling her in. The absolute smoothness of her skin excites me as I stroke her belly.

We listen to the rain, grateful for warmth. But the rain in its methodical dripping interrupts our arousal and intimacy.

We are the lucky ones, in our reverie beneath the down and duvet. We have our warmth and skin and lust, rejoicing in our passion and our power, the surging of nature in the quiet drama of our lust.