I have been up awhile. I put a DVD of Popeye cartoons from the 1930’s in the DVD player and watched for awhile. Truth is, I like to listen to the music. It’s a quirky 30’s swing music, perfectly synchronized to the action. The cartoons lift my spirits. I’m feeling the gut punch that is loneliness. I’m not making much of an effort to join my wife in Hallmark Channel Christmas movies, reruns of The Waltons or The Andy Griffith Show, after Don Knotts left. Somehow Aunt Bea and Goober just couldn’t carry the show. She works, comes home, then is off in her world..

Words she once pronounced 10 years ago still sting, “I guess I’m not very lovey-dovey.” Heartaches have sources and origins, leave scars, abd readily refresh themselves.

#98, The Northbound Silver Meteor, went through Ashland, 30 minutes late.

We are expecting snow today. I may sequester myself with lots of coffee, books, naps, movies and ride this storm out. I could always vacuum and bundle up newspapers, clean the kitchen and bathrooms, but it is Sunday after all.

Next thing to do is fix my wife tuna salad and some sliced strawberries for her lunch.

I just don’t care about Christmas any more.

Off to prepare the tuna.