NSFW For Grown-ups Only Please

She remembered the first time she ever knelt before a man, a boy really, and she felt his cock in her mouth, tasted its saltiness, her nostrils filled with the man odor.

Where was her dignity? Did she really love this guy? Or like this boy? Or even give a rat’s ass, one way or the other? What she knew is that he wanted this, this furtive fellatio before they joined her family at Thanksgiving Dinner.

And on her knees, beside her Daddy’s Buick Electra 225, in the chilly and oil-smelling garage as the rest of the family drank hot mulled cider and ate sausage balls, she realized her power. She, the one with a dick in her mouth, her nose tickled by boy pubes, was the one in charge.

If you want this, Suckah, you’re going to pay the price.