It is 3:00 AM. I have been awake about forty minutes. I have YOUTube on and I just saw the opening scene of Apocalypse Now, featuring the haunting song of The Doors, The End.  I am in that kind of mood,

Now I’m watching a stripper from one of those campy revival troupes like Cin City Burlesque.  There is a great deal of fun and silliness, and  naive naughtiness to these routines. The antics displayed lighten my mood. 

Upstairs she sleeps.  And my side of the bed is pain. From my back. The sore muscles that never seem to stop aching.  Downstairs is my chair, my cup of decaf, and my imagination fueled by my loneliness.  I actually have the germ of a poem in my head about Christmas and the little things that make it what it is. Maybe tomorrow.