Obviously I’m not because I am writing this from my Smartphone. Still. I realized today how this compilation of nanochips and nanocircuits facilitates my day. And it’s nice mostly, but kinda creepy.

I remember when my family didn’t have a television set. We would go over to my Uncle Ed’s house to watch Milton Berle on Your Show Of Shows. Uncle Miltie. I’m 66. So the incursion of electronic media into all aspects of our lives is relatively new, as human history goes. 

Consider it took a couple of generations for somebody to rig a steam engine to a set of wheels in order that the railroads came about. Then people could travel in hours the distance it formerly took days to cover. People could travel by train from London to Brighton and have a holiday by the sea. Suddenly the diversions of the middle class, the wealthy, and the aristocracy were all becoming commingled. And the wealthy were now richer than the aristocrats.

But what money could not buy, and still cannot buy, is time. Sure affluence buys leisure, but it does not purchase reflection or introspection. What is worth doing? How do we know?

So I have time on my hands in a house whose silence is shredded by the dishwasher,  working its rhythmic cleaning magic. And I’m going swimming in a few minutes.

I will come home and avoid talking with my wife, in any meaningful way, lest she bring home the painful truth that love is not a replacement for passion

Leisure. It’s what you make of it.