I woke up hurting where I usually hurt. There seem to be regular places, e.g. my left hip, left shoulder, right triceps. The pain is mostly from use of the muscles related to swimming. Add in loss of flexibility in my back. I think that loss is minimal. I’m very grateful to be as active as I am.  My buddy, Mike The Swim Coach, told me yesterday that the body needs recovery days. I need to pay attention, but I’m vain. Sometimes I think I’m planning on having the healthiest body in the cemetery. Perspective. Dammit.

I’m sitting in my chair trainspotting. Trains are running late on some lines because of track repair. The lateness spills over into the section of track between Washington and Richmond.  That includes the spot in Ashland that I watch.

Mrs CorC? just texted me apologizing for being angry with me. I had no idea she was angry. She forgot she was dealing with a Male,  an individual incapable of reading subtle nuance. We understand angry when we come home and the locks have been changed. Other signals are murkier.

That’s all for now.