It is a morning where I am aware of the fatigue in my body, in my shoulders and lower back.  It is not really painful, more like sore.  I have a little bit of a headache, noticing how the sensation radiates from temples to my neck. 

My first response is that these sensations need “fixing” specifically, be made to disappear. Instead I will be with these feelings a little longer. When I finish this post I will sit back and enjoy them.  This is, I believe, an endorphin high.  It is healthy, a side benefit of swimming distances.

In a perfect world, I would feel my lover’s naked, soft and pliant body next to my nakedness. We would be languid, lazy, lethargic, caught in the afterglow of sex. That is not the case. So this high is mine and mine alone. Oh well. It’s s damn site better than feeling nothing, or worse, nursing regret.