My day really began about 11. That is when I woke up to stay. My sleep pattern is somewhat askew. But I’m retired and don’t have to be anywhere. 

I did not go to Father Kauffmann’s Requiem Mass. I went to a Mass for the repose of his soul Tuesday. I figured the Mass today would be crowded and long. My back would not like the long sitting down.

I went to Tom Leonard’s and bought some fruit. I like fruit.  Strawberries, pineapple, peaches.

I visited my friend Scott. I think he has an autism spectrum disorder.  He is a really beautiful person. I noticed he takes notes copiously recording a vast number of things. Baseball scores, for example.

Dinner was trout and a cole slaw that had tortilla strips and pumpkin seeds, pepitas, in it.

After dinner, I went swimming 2500 meters, 67 minutes.  The real value today was getting the swim in rather than sit around in my “Comfy Chair” after dinner.

Life is pretty good.