IMG_20170406_101852_122NSFW. Adult Language

I woke up at some mysterious time in the dead of night, knowing only that it was too damn early to be up.  The cup of decaf I brewed was cold even in my fancy stainless steel mug .  Now I was hungry too.  Whole wheat toast with peanut butter and pear preserves sounded good.  Little did I know that that would be breakfast.  In a little while I felt sleepy again, back to bed I went.  I started the CD of Saint-Saëns Piano Concerto #1 Opus 17.  And I fell down the rabbit hole of sleep.

9:30.  I gotta pee!  and I’m up now, like it or not.  I take care of that need, get dressed. I want to get the paper. Opening the door, I see a squirrel on the porch rail. Cute in its squirrelness.  While Mrs CorC? gets ready for work, I lie in bed, watching her dress, appreciating her nudity as she hides it in her khakis trousers and striped knit top.

The longing gnaws at me again. My mind catalogs the passion I feel in acts, gestures, rituals of Sex. I’m tired of dressing up Sex in its Sunday Best of Married Love. The love is there all right, but it’s time to kiss the back of her neck, nibble her ear lobe,  fondle and stroke, probe and push and shatter the Good Girl Shield that protects the parched and withering flower of her Southern Baptist C-U-N-T. 

Yes, Precious, I will lick that cunt of yours, and put my finger in there.  I will  kiss the pucker of your anus, push my tongue in a bit.  Yes I am just that dirty and I want to get you dirty too. So when you get on your hands and knees with your Baptist butt on proud display, I will tease your pussy lips with my hard prick before I push it in, spread your ass cheeks, wet your butt hole with a gob of spit and push my  finger in to stuff you like a Christmas goose.

I want to hear you say the words you never say, because you’re afraid that God is keeping score and maybe He won’t forgive you. Because you’re not ashamed you said cock and cunt and asshole and clit and fuck . And let your own Husband do the nasty with you.  And, by Jesus, you even liked it!