That is not a spelling error.  I am sitting in the Chair of Omniscience, wondering Where Oh Where has civility in public discourse gone, among other things.  Baseball seems incapable of lifting this sad sack of bones out of this funk.

In my desperation, I turn to the work of one of the world’s great geniuses, Johann Sebastian Bach. I am listening to the Sonata #1 in G Minor, BWV 1001. All of a sudden, despair lifts as the beauty of the melody fills the room.

In the great scheme of things, 300 years is not a long time, but it is longer than 30 years.  We (millions of  us) are still listening to Bach. How many of routinely listen to serious modern music, written, say in the last 30 years? This is not to say that it is bad music, but does it engage our souls and our spirits? This musical drought extends to Church music also.  The hymns of the Christian churches, both Catholic and Protestant, may be catchy and sing-able but do they touch our souls?

Bach was a devout Christian.  Even his secular works inspire a spiritual serenity in me. I can reaffirm that 1) Life is worth living,  2) we can all contribute in our own way to make this Earth a better place, and 3) if God can forgive me for being the egotistical bastard that I am, I can forgive the myriad of people who frost my butt on a daily basis.