Here I go again, Physical Therapy. The doctor visit yesterday ended with a prescription for a course of prednisone and twice weekly sessions of PT for some residual, more or less constant, muscle 

pain near the fusion site and some persistent tingling in my left arm which we think is related to some issues in the cervical vertabrae. Fun. Fun. Fun.

Later Today

I had my PT session. The goals for both issues is flexibility. We started off with a traction session on my neck. That was followed by some general stretching and flexibility exercises for the  legs.  Evidently lack of flexibility in the leg muscles puts extra strain on the back. Who knew? 

Post PT, I got a haircut.  I got a “Spring” haircut because it’s down right warm here in Ole Virginny’.  Between sweat in my hair from walking and pool chemicals when I swim, I feel like my hair is a gunk reserve. So Karina, my barber,  gave me close to The Works.  I would fit right in at Camp Lejeune.

Topping off the day’s excursions was a trip to the supermarket, in this case Food Lion.  The “re-set” team was in this particular store today, resetting specific sections according to the monthly schedule. I saw a crew on frozen dinners, bottled water, and  bath soap, I believe.  This is of interest to me, because I spent several years doing this particularly nasty work in some grocery stores in rural Virginia; towns like Saluda, Kilmarnock, Bowling Green, Colonial Beach.  I left today with an enormous sense of gratitude about being retired.