They came from Amazon via UPS. That they still make shrink-to-fit 501’s with a button fly is most gratifying to me. They are made in Egypt now. Back in the 1980’s, when GQ had interesting things to say about clothes, they did a piece on S-T-F 501’s and it impressed me.  Now that I can afford to pay nearly three times as much for these as for a pair of pretty good jeans at BJ’s, I do so. This afternoon, I got naked, put on the unshrunk jeans and stood under the hot shower. I stood there, wondering what Mrs. CorC? would  say if she walked in, and let the jeans and me get good and wet. A nice little puddle of indigo-tinted water accumulates. When I feel as if the job has been done, I peel them off and put them in the washer in hot water. And Bob’s your uncle, when the washing and drying is over, they’re good to go.

Quite frankly, there is something erotic about unbuttoning the jeans to urinate, etc.  Call me crazy.   They look good, especially when paired with a white dress shirt.  I feel attractive and ageless and not 65, with titanium screws holding my spine together. They don’t look or feel like “Old Guy” clothes.  I own enough pairs of constipated khakis to last a lifetime.  I have not worn a suit in ages.  Things have changed fashion-wise.