I guess I’m supposed to feel old, however old feels, today.  My elder son celebrated his fortieth birthday. Since I was 25 on the day he was born, that means I am 65.  65 just doesn’t compute. Sure I hurt physically; back pain, some pain in my shoulder, but I hurt physically when I was 34 and 63. The fine print seems to be finer and a  bright light when reading is my friend.

This hasn’t been a day about feeling old. I went to Weight Watchers and learned I lost 5.4 pounds (2.49 kg) since last week. I started out earlier in June weighing 213 lbs (15 stones 3 lbs, 96.6 kg). I am following their program, not doing my “version” of it. Their program  is working for me. Now I am at 206.8 lbs, (14 stone 11 lb,  or 93.8 kg). I went for my 4 mile power walk and I felt drained afterwards, but feel great now.

So life is good. As the saying goes, life isn’t about having what I want but wanting I have.