In Fantasy Life, I wake up, Good To Go, ready to sit at the computer and bare my very soul in words that the Swedish Nobel Committee is reading approvingly as I write.   In Real Life,  back pain wakes me up. I go make coffee, text with a friend, think about the crap I have to do today which I subconsciously put up with, so I can avoid writing.

I had one project, to get the Weight Watchers mobile app working on my Smartphone. I accomplished that and also reset my page on the online site, so I can track my Weight Watchers SmartPoints.  It’s another activity I’ve been avoiding, thinking my post surgeries weight gain is going to manage itself, disappearing on its own.. It hasn’t yet..

Writing wise, there’s a poem I wrote and will publish today. I will try to do more, allowing for the back pain which comes when I sit for extended periods, say an hour or so.

Being an adult sucks, sometimes.