Big Drama can be about the passion of desires consummated. Or it can be about money. Early this morning, at one and two and three, it was about money. The big drama was between my ears.
Back in 2012, I finally had the money to settle my credit card debt. The amount of money that the banks forgave was imputed to me as income. For example a $20,000 debt settled for $10,000 would mean, according to Uncle Sugar, that the banks gave me $10,000. And in a way, they did. I received a 1099 and I had to pay taxes. Only I hadn’t, yet.  Monday, I paid the bill, but I stayed up worrying and castigating J and myself for this predicament.
Funny thing is, when I wrote the check, the drama evaporated as the ink dried on the paper. Soon there was only an envelope passing in my hand, through the open car window, into the big blue metal mouth of a USPS mailbox.
Life continues.
Monday morphed into a four mile walk, a shower, a cup of tea, and a good book. Today the good book is Parisian Lives by Samuel Steward. He has a good, engaging style and I’m developing feeling for his characters. Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas figure in the story. Stein is portrayed, not as a legend, but a wonderfully rich, human character.  This is a book I recommend.