It is 8:49 PM. I did my walk today, schlep, it felt like today. I was dragging my wrist heart-rate monitor. I could not figure out how to turn on the stopwatch function.  “Patience, White Boy, the Master

will reveal more of its mysteries when you are ready,” the little voice in my head says.

The device isn’t that hard. I think the brace’s physical restraints forces me to put more energy into doing the least little thing than I am willing to admit. So I make the learning curve on piddly challenges that much steeper.
Actually, I’m pretty happy today. I look forward to reading people’s blogs. And there is less drama with you guys than in Facebook. What you share in the way of problems, like aged parents, are genuine. I empathize. I’ve walked that road.
I am doing the blog on my Smartphone. Something new.