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I was entirely too reticent to go the “Y” yesterday afternoon.  I was still tired from interrupting my sleep pattern from Holy Hour that morning at 4:00 AM.  Upon returning home, I napped about an hour or so before I went to Weight Watchers at 7:30 AM.  I weighed in, discovering I had lost 1.6 lbs over the week. I now weigh 198.6 lbs.  I am under 200lbs!  The morning was spent doing all the mundane things one has to do, buying gasoline and groceries, for instance. I went to Aunt Midge’s old house, raked some leaves, put mosquito larvae killer on the puddles on the pool cover.  J and I had a late breakfast at Bob Evans. I have become quite fond of their Garden Harvest Omelette.  We have had the same waitress three weeks in a row, a nice Southern lady named “Chucky”, (who knows why?).  After breakfast I realized I needed more sleep. So I had nap #2.  Then, after more procrastination, I finally went to the YMCA. Weighing in on their scale, the numbers 198.6 again appeared.  The weight loss is real! Putting on my Speedo, I looked in the mirror, saw more muscle definition in my abdominals, less belly.  One can lose weight over the age of 60,  Gentlemen.

I began my swim, starting slowly, then sustaining a pace.  I am slow, but faster than yesterday.  The water feels sensuously cool. i feel the back muscles stretching with each stroke.  41 mins: 54 secs later, I have finished my 1750 meter swim.

That evening, while J and I are dining al fresco at the local Cheesecake Factory, I can feel the endorphin high kick in, a feeling better than booze, better than pot. It was a great end to a good day.