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I wrote this a long while back, in May 2014.  We had yet to sell my Aunt’s house.  I thought I would post it as it is.  I remember the day quite well. The tentative title was Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!  This was before my shoulder and back surgeries.  I was  still working.

It is Sunday. I am sitting in my late aunt’s house, now vacant, enjoying my coffee and taking time to write, enjoying the few noises I do hear. The birds sing, the insects hum, and, in the distance, a freight train moves down the main North/South line.  It is a freight because I can hear the wheels grinding on the steel rails for a long time and the air horn sounding.  When I leave the house I stop at a grade crossing to watch a Northbound Amtrak train, with nine cars, plus a locomotive.

Later I go swimming. First I weigh in and decide 204.2 lbs isn’t bad for  5ft 11in. It is down from 208 lbs a month earlier.   I do a long 1650 meter swim.  It  takes 38 min 50 sec. Not bad, I ratonalize, for a 63 year old.  I feel the stretch of my back muscles, but the stiffness in my legs restricts the efficiency of my kick.   The cool water feels great to my body.   It is an exquisitely sensual feeling, to experience my body awaken.  Later, at lunch, I remark to my wife that the endorphin rush is kicking in, a great high.

I wrote a lot more semi-philosophical gibberish about, appetites, and craving  food, alcohol and sex.  I frequently eat to change the way I feel. “That donut or (———-) (name your food of choice) will sure make me feel better or quiet the churning in my gut”.  Food worked before booze for me in changing how I felt.  And worked again after I quit drinking.  Sex was the Big Mystery, the Big Kahuna of Excitement and Mood Alteration.  I loved it.  Still do.  Being naked with a woman, coming together in a sweaty pile, making noises, and feeling that my partner (wife) and I have uncovered the secret to Oneness with The Cosmos.  (How’s that for gibberish?)