I thought keeping a blog would be easier than it is. When there is a lack of anything in life worth noting, it is a challenge.
There is a bit of the pervert in me. When I was a boy, the exotic and forbidden element of human sexuality beckoned. Sex was The Big Secret. So the trappings of sex, specifically women’s underwear, took on significance. My strange and convoluted mind then eroticized spanking; then French women who slept with German soldiers during The Occupation having their heads shaved turned me on.
I had the usual amount of guilt about sex. I ended up marrying my sex partners, never fully exploring what marriage really meant. There is more to it than providing a legal and moral framework for sexual activity. Because marriage and children are linked, I was ill-prepared for fatherhood, much as I wanted children.
There is the tension between sex as pleasure and sex as the procreative act. That it feels soooo good is what keeps us at it. Frequency of heterosexual, penile/vaginal coitus means that conception will probably take place.
That love encompasses more than sex serves to make any long-term relationship viable and rewarding.