Today’s musings are admittedly dark, but I think I’m merely pointing out the seamier side of the Zeitgeist

Sometimes I think we spend too much time trying to figure things out. We simply must understand. I’m watching a Brazilian comedy, A Super Femea, from 1973, in Portuguese. Ostensibly about contraception for men, as demanded by feminists, the film moved from one comic scene to another. It carries a juvenile obsession with nudity and sex, so characteristic of that time. Those of you who remember the time should think Rowan And Martin’s Laugh-in, only with bare breasts and buttocks. After 20 minutes, the film became tedious.

Bored with streaming, I move back to FIOS TV. A couple on HGTV have discovered their dream home. It has indoor plumbing, running water and electricity! Yet their dreams demand more, a pot filler spigot over the stove, a waterfall shower for two bathers, a gas fireplace have become the new must-haves. Now happiness awaits them.

There was about fifty years separating these two vignettes of modern culture. Modern time is a world of ease and convenience. And these two objectives are ever moving targets. Sex without consequences prolongs adolescence into senescence. And all we want are toys.

What we’ve come to understand are our desires, which we conflate with needs. What we desire, are suggested to us. They aren’t some internally generated desires. At one time, public relation pioneer Edward Bernays suggested we wanted cigarettes. Then someone else suggested we should want private passenger automobiles, then oral contraceptives, personal computers, global connectivity.

And here we are. What Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates want should be what we want. We should want to eat crickets, have only two children and when we get old and sick, we’ll choose to be euthanised like an arthritic cocker spaniel.



I made pudding, Jell-O Cook’N’Serve Pudding, both chocolate and butterscotch. After I stirred the oil into my Smucker’s Natural Peanut Butter, I wanted use the rest of the milk in the fridge.

I wish I had grandchildren who would visit and I could give them pudding with whipped cream on top.

A small thing, but it would mean the world to me.

Count your blessings.

What’s Going On With Me. AKA Sex On The Brain.

My sexual desire and curiosity has re-awakened. I’ve been looking at pornographic videos and pictures, reading erotic literature. I miss sex. The last time my wife and I made love was in 2003. That’s a long time.

She stroked my back last night as we lay in bed. I had my tee-shirt on. She had her tee- shirt on. It could have been an invitation for more. Ironically, while my inner life wants sex, my body wants, no, demands, sleep. Maybe the sexual imagining is a way to keep the “pilot light” lit, as I recover from COVID.

Sex has always been about survival, to keep the human race going, but also our connections with each other.

People having sex is fucking beautiful. Truth be told, we always like to watch. Hence we have mirrors.

I’m losing my ability to be philosophical right now, as I recall the exquisite moment of orgasm inside a woman’s cunt, bringing out that last spasm of spunk. Sex is about wanting, being wanted, taking and being taken. You can sort out the “power dynamics” , however you wish, but there always seems to be somebody topping and somebody else being a bottom. Maybe it’s an unconscious dynamic in the cis-heterosexual world, but it’s there nonetheless. In short “Egg and sperm define the terms“.

I remember going to the movies as a little boy, maybe six or eight. DeMille’s Samson And Delilah grabbed my attention, Hedy Lamarr especially. I knew then that Hedy Lamarr was “hot”, perhaps intuitively. Later I saw Sophia Loren in Houseboat. And Hollywood had me.

Worse things have happened.

Monday 2 January 2023

This is my first acknowledgment of the New Year, 2023. I’m at the stage of life where the years are a blur. I’ll be more aware of the new year when longer hours of daylight give us more time to get things done.

As New Years go this was a good one. Unlike Christmas, the stores are open. The weather has been Spring-like. No jacket, or even socks, were required these past two days.

The real story, for me, has been about recovery from COVID-19. I had the virus in mid-December, followed by a sinus infection. Talking with Becca, my neighbour, I learned that the overwhelming fatigue I feel will probably last til about St. Valentine’s Day. Oh well.

Other bloggers are walking along beaches, having spicy sexual escapades, or frolicking with new pets, while I watch videos, or do a little work until I tire again.

Things could be worse. My dreams of throwing out trash, then recycling the recyclables, and finally donating my redundant useful things to charities will have to wait. But they will be done. My landscaping pipe dreams can come true in Springtime.

Time to take the antibiotic prescribed for my sinus infection. The dirty dishes can stay in the sink until morning.

Twitter Files Of The Future

1) Sports analysts admit they haven’t the foggiest idea of what’s happening during a sporting event.

2) Military analysts admit their job is to validate the editorial opinions of the media outlets paying them.

3) Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward confess that there was no “Deep Throat”. They simply didn’t care much for Nixon. Who, after all, did?

4) President Biden is actually a hologram, just like Princess Leia from Star Wars.He is a long term project of The Disney Company and LucasFilm.

5) The actual Chairman of The National Security Council is Col. Harland Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken. The real goal of U.S. foreign policy is to conquer the world one bucket of Original Recipe at a time.

Christmas Dislikes

1) It’s A Wonderful Life

2) “Hip”/“Woke” clergy and theologians who portray Our Blessed Mother Mary as homeless or unwed in order to validate their political agendas.

3) Tinkling chimes.

4) Santa Claus praying at the Manger in a lighted Nativity Scene in a front yard. I suppose it has instructional value for small children, but so does reading The Nativity Story to the little ones.

That’s all really. I like Christmas. On the one hand, Christmas lasts too long. On the other hand it doesn’t last long enough.

Up. Been Up. Need Sleep.

#2 Son is a grown-ass adult, 34 years old. And yet… He asks me to make sure he’s up when he has to leave early for a road trip to DC. This is completely understandable. The commuter traffic on I-95 is bad. It rivals Los Angeles in the congested nastiness.

Of course, I wake up at 3:00AM to call him at 4:30 AM. I watch TV on You Tube. The Russian Orthodox Liturgy is my favourite, because the music and the icons are beautiful and reverent. You see a side of Russia that isn’t shown on Western media outlets. A mother holding her child during the Liturgy doesn’t match our impression of a ruthless and bloodthirsty people. I know. It could all be propaganda, as if we aren’t fully taken in by Ukrainian propaganda regularly presented on our media.

America has been in the war business for most of my life, and next month, I will be 72. Congress just passed an $858 billion Defence Authorisation Act. You don’t authorise that much money, unless you expect to hurt some people and break some things. Either our military will do the dirty work, or our proxies, e.g. the Ukrainians, will.

Damn right it’s creepy. But it keeps the wheels of war turning. This will give us ideas for movies, novels, television shows and fancy computer games. Playing those games, our young people will practice killing without remorse. Then, when they eventually go to war, they can’t handle the psychological trauma of the real thing. So they blow their brains out the first chance they get.

And we can maintain the delusion that we’re good for another fiscal year.