Report, Of Sorts

I have not posted in a while. I have had some well-being drama, family drama, cultural drama, political drama.

The last two I will ignore for the time being. My thoughts and feelings, AKA opinions, don’t really matter, and are highly unoriginal. You know, the way your thoughts, feelings and opinions exist solely for your entertainment.

The well-being drama seems pretty scary, as I try to get my blood pressure, lipids and A1C back under control. Diabetes, stroke, heart disease are very sinister and cause for concern Wondering whether I will ever have sex again always takes a back seat to wondering whether I will live to see my next birthday. Know what I mean?

So it’s back to the rather diligent self care that I practiced before the COVID-19 precautions supplanted all other activities in 21st Century America.

I walked this afternoon. I kept it simple, just 2 miles. The idea was to finish and recover in a reasonable amount of time and be ready to walk tomorrow.

The blood sugar, actually my A1C is in the diabetic range. I’m taking metformin for right now.

Family Drama centers around my son, his wife, and how his mother messed his head up as well as mine, forty two years ago. I’m back to re-living that nightmare.

So I’ll leave it at that.

Possible Consequences Of COVID-19

  1. The Covid-19 pandemic and the moves made to slow its spread have adversely affected the American and global economies.
  2. The Chinese economy is basically an export economy. They sell stuff to the rest of the world.
  3. With the rest of the world in recession, fewer Chinese exports are being purchased.
  4. This should have repercussions throughout China.
  5. If a one party totalitarian dictatorship has to concern itself with civil unrest, civil unrest should be forthcoming.
  6. Can the Communist Party of The People’s Republic of China survive?

The New Face Of Euthanasia?

It is agonizing to watch former V-P Joe Biden stumble through a speech, a Q&A session with reporters, even friendly ones, and misremember facts. Why is The Democratic Party subjecting this man to this humiliation? We notice, people, we notice.

What if the strategy isn’t about getting a man of questionable mental faculties elected President? There is the unspoken message that implies an incapacitated President Biden will resign. Then a Vice-President Harris will assume the Presidency.

He has to win for that plan to work. Another message that the Biden candidacy sends is that senility and aging is pathetic, embarrassing to the affected individual. He is a burden, not just financially and emotionally, but also in the practical terms of care, for his children and , well, heirs. Joe Biden depicts the worst fear, about aging that many people have, creeping, irreversible dementia.

They wouldn’t do that, would they? Run a mentally enfeebled man in the most visible political campaign in America? They would, if the dystopian strategists of the Democratic Party wanted to send a subtle message that euthanasia is a valid end of life choice. Remember a hundred years ago, a public relations mastermind got women smoking with a publicity stunt. That was not about politics, but it was about molding public opinion and values.

Are millions of Americans thinking, “Don’t let me get that bad that I make a fool of myself “? That sure piques interest in euthanasia, at tbe onset, voluntary, of course. It is alwaysvoluntary“. Then when the global health care budgets get tighter, and the demographic collapse looms, precipitated by the effects of the Zero Population Growth Principle, and ready access to abortion, euthanasia will no longer be voluntary. The dystopian master planners get their way, with the help of a failed politician in his dotage.

Dinner Assembled

Funny how a recipe comes to me over several days of just thinking about what to do with ingredients I have on hand or could easily purchase.

I had some pasta, farfalle, bowties, and mostachioli rigate, like penne, a chicken breast and a bottle of poppy seeds. I thought a pasta and chicken salad would be nice for summer supper. I did need vegetables, summer vegetables, a local tomato, a cucumber, fresh parsley, also feta cheese. I had pine nuts I needed to use. So I chopped up the cucumber, tomato, and parsley, then diced the roasted chicken breast ( boneless, skinless, app 1lb, .454kg). I added them all to large mixing bowl.

I made a dressing from the juice of 4 lemons, plus some zest, then a half-cup (120ml) olive oil, and about 3 tablespoons poppyseeds. I blended the mixture til the oil and juice were emuldified. I poured it on the salad and mixed everything well, ( or as we say in the American South, real good).

A quick taste told me something sweet was needed and I added some fresh blueberries and walnuts , for a more pronounced nutty taste than what the pine nuts offered.

I served this pasta salad from a pasta serving bowl

J liked the pasta chicken salad. That’s what counted.


I wrote a post in the middle of the night I have not yet posted and may never do so.

I just should have gone to Vietnam. And if I had died, well, I would be a name on The Wall.

Now I am 69 years old. And who we fought there are here now. Communists. Only they call themselves by other names, like Antifa, or….(uh) we won’t go there.

Like the Bolsheviks, Stalinists, Maoists, and others, they hate what I hold dear. And they want me dead.

Enough for now. It’s going to be a long war. It has been a long war, since 1917.

Foggy Morning

Not an outdoor fog, but an interior fog, that calls me back to sleep.

J had nightmares last night, screaming nightmares, about what I do not know.

I had a dream wherein I was in South America with my ex-wife and we were trying to get to the airport in Rio.

And sleep and restfulness are the big losers this morning

As The Hygienist Cleaned


With all precautions in place, I went to the dentist. Actually to the hygienist. She scraped and did whatever dental hygienists do in their most necessary, but unsung, craft.

My hygienist is the daughter of South Vietnamese refugees. Talking with her, before she started cleaning, I learned why her parents don’t particularly like Communism. They know how Communists came to power in South Vietnam by means of. murder and intimidation. They know how they run Vietnam today with tyranny, corruption, and incompetence. So when radical Left factions run amok in Portland and Seattle, her folks have a creepy sense of déjà vu. They understand when Leftist thugs threaten storeowners in Louisville with damage to their businesses if they don’t show support for The Cause. That is called extortion, what all urban gangs do. Only they put a veneer of Leftist Ideaology over it.

Reclining in the comfy chair, she cleaned, while I thought. Nothing earth shattering, just about the people I know who escaped Communist dictatorships, neighbours who fled from Hungary, fellow parishioners in two churches who fled Cuba, the patients of a Vietnamese doctor at the medical practice I use.

Then I remembered, from The Sixties, the “Teach-Ins” where professors would propagandize against American involvement in South Vietnam. They were the tools, witting or unwitting of the Communist tyrants.

I reflected on the South Sudanese “Lost Boy”, who, in the Twentieth Century, was held as a slave, by a Muslim Egyptian farmer, before he escaped. He and his compatriots came to America, like the Cubans, Vietnamese and Hungarians, before them, for the promise of freedom and, yes, its uncertainties.

So when Marxists/Communists start clamoring for “change” in this blessed country, my stomach turns. Lincoln called the United States, “the last best hope on Earth.” Nothing better has come along in the century and a half since he made that claim.

Superman 1941

The Fleischer Studios , who brought us Betty Boop and Popeye did an animated cartoon version of Superman back in the early 1940’s in Technicolor that is pretty cool. Good heroic Superman stories I just saw one where Superman saves a runaway train, carrying a billion dollars in gold bullion and Lois Lane.

It is early Monday morning. I feel pretty good, I am just awake now. I will go back to bed. I had a satisfying enjoyable weekend. I feel connected again, to my wife and to people in general. It’s not perfect, but I’ve just learned new things about love that I can’t fully describe. It centers around regaining my sense of self-worth, as a man. Just leave it at that.

Mickey Mouse & Despair

So I am watching Mickey Mouse cartoons, preparing to drink some Decaf coffee, while beating myself up about not initiating sex with my wife after convincing myself that nothing bad would happen if I did. Now I am way deep in my head about this.

But the whole point of watching Mickey and Pluto is to take my mind off the nonsense I fabricated in my head and just enjoy these wonderful cartoons. I must say Disney put out the best cartoons of the Thirties through the Sixties, may be even later. They were heavy on the charm and light on the mayhem.

In my perfect fantasy world J would watch cartoons with me. I don’t expect her to watch W.W. II documentaries. There are only so many anyone can watch before one begins to question one’s sanity.

We have a really cute cartoon now Squatters’ Rights, with Chip and Dale hiding out in Mickey’s cabin in the woods. They’re hiding in his stove. Pluto is there too. .

Despair is impossible to sustain watching Mickey Mouse. Good choice Dave.

Roghan Josh (?) And Root Beer Floats

#2 son, C, came by yesterday. He wanted to eat Indian food. I told him I wanted to have root beer floats. So we ordered take away from the Indian restaurant I got roghan josh with lamb. He ordered goat curry. We had Samosas and spinach and potato patties and enjoyed the food tremendously. Somehow the Indian dishes that come all mixed together in spicy sauce all taste the same. They are delicious, mind you, but my palette can’t make distinctions in the flavors.

After eating, we watched cricket for awhile. I was explaining the game to him. This is an over This is how a wicket can be taken. This is a boundary 4; this is a boundary 6. He was doing well until we got to “lbw“. Then his eyes just glazed over.

We had root beer floats. It is hard to describe the flavour. But, trust me, it tastes good. To the root beer, a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream is added. And the ice cream, being mostly fat, floats. It is a real American summertime treat.

Even though he is 32, an adult, we had some innocent fun together. It made a huge difference to me.