My posting yesterday was interrupted by an irresistible urge to sleep. I did get a nap, but my creative urge remained somnolent until just now.

I have dinner to prepare after I finish watching a rather entertaining escapist film, Deadlier Than The Male, a crime/thriller from The Rank Organisation, from the era of James Bond. It is a very ably acted and produced film with Richard Johnson, Elke Sommer, and Nigel Green as the villain.

Speaking of dinner, I’ve been following the WEIGHT WATCHERS (WW) program and am losing weight. Along with the weight loss has come the realisation that I have enough books, CDs, and DVDs to keep me entertained for several years. And educated.

It’s crazy how this culture works. The culture is based around the notion that we always want and need more. Now we may need more, a car that operates without mechanical issues, and we may want more, a vacation, another sex partner, but simply consider the possibility that there is enough in your life right now.

Of course, your mind began refuting that premise as soon as I presented it. That’s the culture speaking.

I told you it was crazy.