We went out for brunch at an “artsy” restaurant Sunday (today). I’ve been tracking my food with the Weight Watchers (WW) points system. I found a delicious salad with beets, butternut squash, chèvre, pepitas on a bed of spring greens. Highly yummy. And I used very few points.

Then J and I walked around an antiques mall with lots of cool stuff. Saw things I would like to own. As we get the house refurbished, I’m seeing things I’d like to own that suit my taste.I saw a nice tobacco jar, then remembered I already owned one. I don’t smoke anymore, the jar would thus be decorative and not functional for its original purpose

Returning home I got back to fixing dinner. We had yet to have black eye peas, and cornbread for good luck(it’s an American South custom). So I’m thinking we’re close to the Lunar New Year, so there’s a New Year in there some where. I made the cornbread with Mexican blue corn masa harina. J liked it. Victory.

While I was cooking, I had the Russian Orthodox Liturgy on YouTube. That was the closest I came to a Church today. It was worth it. Between the choir and the icons, the Sacred Liturgy definitely had me grateful and properly reverent.

I found a slow cooker London Broil recipe that was anything but broiled. Good to eat and low WW Points.

So I’m tired and happy and satisfied, which a lot of people with more money than I have can’t say.

Put a ✅ in the Win Column!