#2 Son is a grown-ass adult, 34 years old. And yet… He asks me to make sure he’s up when he has to leave early for a road trip to DC. This is completely understandable. The commuter traffic on I-95 is bad. It rivals Los Angeles in the congested nastiness.

Of course, I wake up at 3:00AM to call him at 4:30 AM. I watch TV on You Tube. The Russian Orthodox Liturgy is my favourite, because the music and the icons are beautiful and reverent. You see a side of Russia that isn’t shown on Western media outlets. A mother holding her child during the Liturgy doesn’t match our impression of a ruthless and bloodthirsty people. I know. It could all be propaganda, as if we aren’t fully taken in by Ukrainian propaganda regularly presented on our media.

America has been in the war business for most of my life, and next month, I will be 72. Congress just passed an $858 billion Defence Authorisation Act. You don’t authorise that much money, unless you expect to hurt some people and break some things. Either our military will do the dirty work, or our proxies, e.g. the Ukrainians, will.

Damn right it’s creepy. But it keeps the wheels of war turning. This will give us ideas for movies, novels, television shows and fancy computer games. Playing those games, our young people will practice killing without remorse. Then, when they eventually go to war, they can’t handle the psychological trauma of the real thing. So they blow their brains out the first chance they get.

And we can maintain the delusion that we’re good for another fiscal year.