This is not a rant against a secular Christmas or a lamentation over the loss of the Solemnity of The Incarnation. Both the secular and sacred fit together without conflict.

Black Friday, I’ve learned, is acknowledged the Western ( Industrialised) World. It’s the day the big retailers start turning a profit, moving to the black side of the profit/loss statement.

My strange mind wants to suggest to TCM, the classic movie channel, that an Al Jolson retrospective might fit nicely with Black Friday. That is, if you like a hearty dollop of dark comedy to season your day.

But the shopping season grinds on. At this point we expect it. The lighthearted nature of the season carries the undertone of cynicism. “Have fun while you spend your money, but spend your money whether you’re having fun or not.”

When I got old, I realised I have more stuff than I can possibly use. When my brother died, we threw out untold numbers of festive gifts, mouldy cakes, rancid coffee, wine turned to vinegar

Don’t play the Black Friday game. Make a list, buy your stuff. Have fun.