No, not like that Hitchcock movie with Montgomery Clift, of which I remember only the title, Clift cast as a priest, and the lovely architecture of Quebec City. My confession is my admission that I like stuffed animals and similar things. Stuffed animals, or “stuffies”are my new best friends. Maybe stuffies “speak” to my “inner child”, whoever he is. I don’t know. But saying “Good night” to my stuffies takes some of the adult out of me. Stuffies make me vulnerable again.

Here are Thomas, Peppy The Penguin, and Stuffy The Bear. My friend Jade sent me Thomas and Peppy when I was recovering from hip replacement. Stuffy once was my Mother-in-Law Lola’s birthday bear. He needed a home after she passed. He fits in well. Pat the Bunny is not pictured, but he is my wife’s stuffy..

Stuffies are The Best.

The Gang