Not really, but it feels that way now. I slept, after I wrote and posted yesterday’s blog post, Anniversary.

I wasn’t kidding about the pain This morning, I’m watching Paris, The Luminous Years, a show from PBS, that is heavy on the facts, light on the indoctrination. I suppose the producers were preaching to the choir.

There are lots of beautiful pictures. And the break from the art of earlier times, enabled a new aesthetic to come forth that defied comparison to the art of Giotto, or Michelangelo, or Rembrandt.

Now, I’m tired again. I went through a pile of papers on my side table. The crap once piled on the table, is now spread over the floor. I will eventually file it. And it will be filed away, until my estate executor will throw it away, hopefully in the very distant future.

The First World War has begun on the DVD. I suppose this is a good place to stop.

More later.