That’s the price I saw on a three pound can of Crisco, a pure vegetable shortening sold in the USA, probably, Canada and, lots of other places. I grew up with a can of Crisco as a fixture in our kitchen. That was the go-to shortening for Mother’s fried chicken. We had fried chicken almost every week, I suspect. We liked it. And getting children to eat is one of the great challenges of parenthood.

Not only is Crisco steep, but Ice Cream Bars bearing the silhouette of our beloved Mickey Mouse, are $9.29 / 6 ct. carton. How can I cope? I can no longer purchase Eskimo Pies (take a guess why).

Mickey, really?

Then, when I returned home, I looked at my freezer, my cupboard, and I’m hoping I can get by. If there’s a holodomor (look it up), in the climate change zealots’ arsenal of strategies to save the planet, I won’t be surprised.