I went to another orthopaedic practice about my issues, my back and my hip. This time the Physician Assistant(PA) ordered X-Rays that included a view of the hip joints. The PA at the first practice ordered X-Rays that neglected to capture a view of the hips. And whaddya know!, there’s is none of that stuff keeps the bone from rubbing against bone. Ugh! Usually the way this is handled is by replacing the joint with an artificial joint. So I have that to look forward to.

And my back? There’s damage there too, but we are going to strengthen my back as best we can to see if we can defer any more surgery on my back.

Meanwhile, I got a new prescription for Diclofenac (sic), another NSAID to see if that offers better, more, any, relief. I am trying to get back on track.

Recommitting to healthier habits seems to be a daily task. I fancy myself getting up earlier than 10:30 AM, eating a nutritious breakfast, going swimming, AA. In other words, I want a Gold ⭐️ for participation