Ever since I don’t know when, human beings have been dividing the world into the Us’s vs. the Them’s. Here are just a few of the binaries(1/0): Greeks vs. Trojans, Persians vs. Greeks, Germans vs. Everybody Else, Commies vs. Free World. Now we have the Russians vs. the Ukrainians, and, by extension, Us.

If you believe Joe Biden and/or Sean Hannity, you trust their analyses of geopolitics to know that the corrupt oligarchs of Ukraine are the Good Guys. They bribe the Bidens, and make possible contracts to the armaments industries to restock the Defence Department’s warehouses. They give the media talking heads a chance to air out the same talking points of the Foreign Policy/War template that they’ve used since Pearl Harbour. The other pole of the Them’s has a new name tag (Russians). Everything else about the game is the same.

We don’t understand that the Ukrainians pose an existential threat to the survival of Russia and her culture. By getting chummy with the agnostic, morally flaccid West, the Ukrainians are importing the materialist values that, in the hands of Lenin, Stalin, et. al., nearly destroyed Russia in the Twentieth Century. Marxism was, and is, a Western secularist and atheist philosophy that posits an eternal struggle, with redemption made manifest only in murder “revolution”, starting with the martyred Romanovs.

Think about this. Other nations/cultures might not want what we have to offer. As outsiders, our critics notice the free exchange of ideas has become a joke in the USA. If one disagrees with the CDC, Fauci, Barack Obama, the Clintons, you are giving out disinformation or misinformation. You must be censored, so that the “free exchange” of ideas may continue. It’s another version of burning the village to save it. We talk a good game of freedom, but all that freedom jive is over at the tip-off.

We all know what a sonofabitch Putin is. Just don’t talk about our January 6 political prisoners, who killed Seth Rich, the Hunter Biden laptop, just for starters. Washington is a degenerate, and decadent court. Pseudoscience reigns, as transgender ideology, and climate science resist any legitimate scrutiny or debate. Do what a Yale educated lawyer, (John Kerry), says around climate change. Nobody believes that down means up any more or that 2 + 2 = 5. At least outside the Beltway, they don’t.

The conceit that we are the good guys in all our secular, agnostic, licentious,promiscuous, materialistic, militaristic glory just doesn’t cut it any longer. And if our pole of the binary is false, why are we even playing the game?