On a recent surf through YouTube, I discovered this virtuoso of the button accordion and her ensemble. Please give this group a listen.

J, my wife, as a little girl, took accordion lessons, and even owned an accordion, until she donated it to a Church jumble sale. She is profoundly embarrassed to admit she has any familiarity with the accordion at all. She feels a sense of shame.

Recently C , my #2 son, had an issue with what we in America call Number 2. That’s a euphemism for moving one’s bowels. This had gone beyond simple constipation and necessitated a physical intervention. Once again he felt embarrassment even talking about it.

(Note: he’s fine now)

I find it interesting how we all have a sense of embarrassment, peculiar only to each individual. Lurking around the kink and sex world, some people are proud of a sexual taste or preference, others feel shame about.

Conceivably, a person could boast about an affinity for anal intercourse, but feel shame about accordion lessons in their distant past.

Porngirl, is a professional at colon hydrotherapy, a necessary service, as we’ve recently discovered. And yet… it’s a little awkward to talk about as either a provider or a client.

Then again, some of us are embarrassed to proclaim our love of disco 🕺!