My Apple news feed asks the question, “Why are people smoking toad venom?” I don’t know. Why Apple is offering this little morsel of click bait is also beyond my understanding. I could get all sanctimonious and make comments consistent with that opinion. Rather, I can conclude that the geniuses who work in web communications are simply offering up a supermarket tabloid without a trip to the supermarket.

This might explain why I get People Magazine headlines about “celebrities” I’ve never heard of. I have no barriers between the weird and effed-up world of celebrity culture and myself.

Somehow Prince Andrew is assessed differently from your average everyday pervert who might stare into bedroom windows or masturbate to video porn. Ditto the other “celebrities” who chilled out on Little Saint James Island with Jeffrey Epstein.

The Victorian/Edwardian world was full of aristocrats and upper class “gentlemen” who indulged their sexual proclivities and tastes with no awkward exposure in the press. Oscar Wilde was the famous exception. Lord Randolph Churchill, Winston’s father, was allowed to die of syphilis in peace.

End of rant.