There is this thing called The Internet Archive. All sorts of information, documents, software, film,have been uploaded. One can watch a wealth of stuff, Free.

People have uploaded sex education videos from the Eighties and Nineties, not “birds and bees” discussions, once the basis for “health” education classes of middle school, but advanced topics, like tantric sexuality These videos are chock full of gratuitous nudity. Apparently, ugly people, with bad hairstyles or missing teeth, don’t have sex.

There’s lots of flute music and pretty pictures, plenty of soft focus shots of flowing, rippling water.Lots of talk about energy and chakras fill the tantric videos. Nobody has to be at work the next day. It’s all perfect, like Walt Disney World or The Villages, Florida.

Plenty of talk about sex, but no mention of conception, pregnancy or babies, as if the domains of sexuality and babies are separated by a brick wall, or, at the very least, a latex barrier. This is how we think today. Thank you, Hugh Hefner. Much obliged, Big Pharma. But just how the Hell does one live consciously while denying one has nothing to do with the other?

When one gets old and procreation is no longer a possibility, there is an emptiness that golf, needlework, fishing or shopping can’t fill. That’s the whole point of it., the sex, I mean.