It is finally August. I look at time as a gift from God. I must be a good steward of that gift. What do I have to show for July? I did clean under the sink and inside the fridge.

I did some serious sleeping, having begun this post around midnight, I am resuming around 11:30 AM.

What persists? My son’s recovery from a Traumatic Brain Injury continues, although not nearly as rapidly as he or anyone else would wish it to happen. Time takes time.

My life with a hoarder continues. My marriage to a hoarder continues. All I can respond to her hoarding is hoarding on my part.

COVID-19 persists. An indirect exposure to a new case has prompted me to isolate. The affected person had been vaccinated, and I’m assuming he has contracted the Delta variant.

The weather is cooler today and rainy. The thought that the worst of the summer heat has gone provides encouragement.

I am wearing my hearing aids and I can hear the birds singing. And some chirping from insects. The sound of water pouring down the drain pipe provides a bass line for the higher pitch of the bird song.

Old problems were mentioned in the title of this post. I think some drastic and dramatic action on my part is necessary to rectify this situation. Maybe that’s why the problems persist. Small actions, consistently applied, may offer the lasting change.