It took several hours for my headache to go away. I’m sitting on my porch breathing fresh air tinged with the lingering scent of cedar wood incense.

My neighbour, who wears headphones and talks exclusively to his German Shepherd, walked by, oblivious to me, only five meters away. I have scheduled a swim for tonight. That means I must slice J’s fruit and prepare her lunch. She is sleeping still.

I scheduled a dental appointment for 28 September. The dentist is concerned about bone loss around my lower teeth.

We have a different letter carrier this afternoon. From thirty meters distance I see a person, obese, their shirt untucked, most likely a male, with dark complexioned skin, perhaps a South Asian, perhaps a Latino. Just a temporary change I’m certain.

I hold this computer in my hand and press letters on the keyboard, in lieu of writing in a journal. This computer world is not the real world. One of Bezos’s minions just delivered a package next door. I see the interplay between virtual and concrete.

The World Of Things dominates. Janet is getting out of bed. I could and will go back inside and leave this tranquility of buzzing insects, breezes, and sunshine for later.