This nightmare is ending. It will be written about, talked about for generations. The pandemic was the pretext for starting new things. The Church hierarchy wants to try new new things, like permanently ending the Traditional Latin Mass and reception of The Precious Body of Christ on the tongue.

Every revolutionary, whether political or ecclesiastical, took the plague as the excuse they needed. I get government money in the mail I didn’t earn. I spend it before it becomes worthless, which it will.

Incredibly wealthy people want to change the definitions of money and wealth. We’ve gone from specie currency (money backed by gold or silver) to fiat currency, money declared valuable by government decree, to virtual currency, money that exists in a digital universe.

Hopefully we will keep our faith in virtual money. If we no longer trust its value, whatever tangible and desired items you possess will be your currency for barter. Books for butter, liquor for meat,

They will manage to have enough money to have wars The idealism will be the veneer to cover the baser woods, the poplar, of greed, power that the war mongers use in constructing their furniture of fate. And we will buy their goods, to give meaning to the empty consumerist lives we all live. We will buy goods to replace what the wars have destroyed. We will rebuild the bridges and buildings the warriors have destroyed.

In chess, do the pawns ever complain?