I started cleaning last night drifting over into the early hours of this morning. I cleaned counter tops, mopped floors, cleaned the disgusting pink mildew out of the bathtub, washed the shower curtain liner in hot water and bleach. Today I will vacuum and dust. I have some impressive cobwebs that are slated for removal.

Right now, it is almost 0700. I kinda slept for a couple of hours. I am exhausted, but I’m also keyed up from my activity .

The takeaway, for me, is that activity can defeat depression. I will also deal with the junk mail that is infesting out already tight living space, Lebensraum. This activity is particularly valuable when necessary cleaning is performed.

So right now, I will go back to bed. J is home from work. She brought me a French cruller from Dunkin’. It has been awhile since I had a donut. One was plenty.

I really am tired!