I will be injected with the first COVID-19 shot on Saturday morning. I hope it works. J gets hers this afternoon.

I no longer have any sense of what a pre-COVID-19 “normal” was. I fear the pandemic was a pretense to tear apart the world and its norms we had become accustomed to, like Mass with no preregistration, or swimming for longer than forty-five minutes at any one time, or seeing the face of a stranger.

The people who brought us this dystopian nightmare ought to be brought to justice, as in pay monetary damages for trashing the world’s societies and economies, but they won’t. We all know this. This unspoken reality affirms every notion we have about the inequities of power and wealth. Powerful people and nations, e.g. The People’s Republic of China, can do whatever the Hell they want and the rest of the world will play along, albeit begrudgingly. They can even get their demented hireling elected President of the United States.

The rich and powerful can dictate their desires for the world and governments will do their darndest to gratify those wishes. The Papacy will act as a lap dog, rather than a guide. The New World Order. That’s what Marx and every monster of the Twentieth Century wanted. Maybe Stalin should have worn those nice sweaters like Bill Gates wears.

I think I will eat some red meat today while I still have the chance.