COVID-19 closed the Y in Mid-March 2020. That meant I had no access to the pool and hence no swimming. The Y and its pools reopened around July 1, but for various silly reasons, excuses really, I did not start swimming again til January 28, 2021.

Since then I have regained my enthusiasm for swimming and the Y’s cleaning protocols allow me enough time to complete my 1 mile swim. The lifeguards will let you start ahead of the official start time or run a little over. My times for the distance are rapidly approaching the 45 minute allotted time slot.

It’s all good.

The difference to my overall demeanor is incredible, as in a totally positive change in my outlook. I see many familiar faces, and even with mask-wearing and social distancing, we can have downright friendly conversation.

Of course due credit must be given the exercise component, but the intangible of fellowship with both members and staff makes a huge difference.

Anything to take one away from the ongoing political melodrama, or comedy of errors, is a positive thing. Isolation with nothing but the television was a prescription for a mental health breakdown. I’m surprised more people didn’t go crazy.

Adequate and effective self-care is a major component in coping with this madness. We’ve all been beat up by the political discord and prevention protocols we’ve experienced in recent years. Doesn’t matter whose side you were on. You are a casualty.

Get out there and act like a civilized person again. Those are your neighbours after all, not your enemies.

“With malice toward none,with charity to all.”-Abraham Lincoln