#2 Son, as is his habit, asked that I give him a wake-up call at Five AM. No problem. I’m a Dad, after all. He has a business trip to Pennsylvania, with his boss and friend Torres, to buy motorcycle parts for resale. J got home early. She is sleeping . I should be doing the same.

For now, while I get free sleepy again, I’m watching The Divine Liturgy from a monastery in Russia. The Liturgy is very reverent with a choir chanting melodically in counterpoint to the chanted reading of The Gospel, I think it’s The Gospel.

“We will comprehend the word serenity and we wil know peace.

So states one of the Ninth Step Promises of Alcoholics Anonymous. I have this notion of serenity that has me “cool” in the face of stress. While that may be true, serenity in the Presence of Our Lord is another type of serenity. He promised us that He would be present whenever we gather in His Name. I see that today at this monastery, with prayers offered in a language foreign to me.

This is the Russia that endured when Communism faded away. The faith that sustained Russia in the face of Hitler, Stalin and their murderers is expressed by the worshippers gathered here. A nation isn’t just its government. During this turmoil in America, continuing even after change of Presidents, we need to remember this.

Our Lord’s sovereignty prevails over Russia. His sovereignty prevails over America, whether we choose to recognize it or ignore it. And He is the same Lord of all, particularly of all nations, Christian or non-Christian.

I wanted to brag about my return to the pool and swimming at The “Y”. But somehow, right now, it doesn’t seem all that important. I’ll save that for later.