If I want to play The Oven Repair Game, I better pony up around $100, just to be dealt a hand.

That’s about what it costs for the technician to show up and tell me what’s wrong. It could be something minor, or it could be something major. If it is the time/ temperature module, the cost of that part costs almost as much as a new range.

Think about it. The components of a range are heating elements, sheet metal, and the electronic control module. Guess which part is the most expensive? Yep. What went bad or, best case scenario, what might be going bad.

So I’m not paying for a technician to show up and tell me my range isn’t worth fixing. I can’t blame the repair people. They have a business to run and it costs money to send technicians on a call.

It’s not really a game.Reality, as in what it takes to run a business, sets the terms and conditions.

Nobody says adulting would be easy.