If you aren’t outraged that a few billionaires can get together to discuss the fate of everybody else on this planet, you ought to be.

This is White Privilege at work, on steroids, but the racialists, like BLM, don’t interfere with this little sit-down. No Sir-ree Bob. They go for the low hanging fruit, like the cops who want to end their shifts alive, so they can see their children, or the business owners that want to keep their life’s work from being destroyed.

These are the Great Reset people. They hire public relations consultants to convince you that whatever it is that they want is what you should want. If you watch popular media, you are getting their messages whether its the “news” or “entertainment”. Remember that Davos denizen George Soros has a significant interest in Netflix, and that the Obamas, both husband and wife, are on that payroll. Bear in mind that has-been politicians, like The Clintons, hang around the World Economic Forum, to burnish their “globalist” credentials.

The Davos people have managed to deflect the “class struggle” away from themselves, so one victimized group goes after another marginalized group to right some wrong, that they aren’t responsible for in the first place.

The game of world economics is rigged in their favor. If they want to stop climate change, what is stopping them? They possess the capital (aka Money 💰). Finance what you want to see, Davos guys. But wait, what if climate change amelioration projects are sure fire money losers? What if the projects are practically of no value? Better to trash the economies of the USA, or Russia or Brazil, or countless other nations and societies, than risk their own fortunes. They can be praised as humanitarians when they “help” the desperate people suffering from the catastrophes they fostered.

Enjoy today’s cold shower, folks.